36 ans de Vie Consacrée Angela de l'Inde

As I have chosen this religious life, am I happy with this life? What would you say?

I am Angela kujur, living in Barasat community. Now I am 36 years in religious life. I celebrated my profession anniversary on 25th march 2021. I feel it’s good opportunity to share with you all my experiences.

As I have chosen this religious life I am very happy. This was not only now but this interest came to me when I was young, at the age of 14 or 15. I liked so much our charisma. I like to live among the people, sharing the Gospel and sharing of our life.

What light do you see in your life? In which place?

By doing Gospel sharing I was coming to know more and more Jesus Christ. By doing this I was getting to know myself better. It gives me strength, encourage and to be strong in my life. By reading every day’s Gospel gives me light. Through this I started to give others what I received.

Ex: Once I went with the group of legion of Mary to visit one Hindu family in Barasat. They asked as to pray in their House. Then we prayed, because that lady was sick. We read the Gospel and shared with her about the love of Jesus and his healing power with the sick people, that lady believed in Jesus Christ and she was cured and was very happy.

Following Sunday mass the family came to give thanks to God. Even though they were Hindu but they came to give thanks to God and us. Through this event I learned that the Gospel is alive and active.

In my given life as a Sisters of Prado, Single, without husband or children,

How I live this word of Fr. Chevrier  to the first sister: “Be fathers and mothers  for them”  ( the children welcomed at Prado )

What maternity, fertility have I experienced?

In this same Parish I was coming from Dum Dum to Barasat to visit the families. It is nearly 15 km at that time Barasat was not a parish, we were living in Dum Dum.  After sometime it became a Parish. I liked to visit the simple families and to help the children to write a letter (sponsor) because these children were not going to the school. We were going to collect these children and sending them to the school, giving them catechism.

I was very happy to visit the people to listen their happiness, joy, sorrows, difficult movement that they passed in their life. They were sharing with us openly. After coming to the Parish we were sharing to the Parish Priest. If that family are so poor he was helping them for their health. During sick and death time we were present with them; even we were going to the cemetery.

What is your experience?

As I did not marry, I have given my motherly affection to the needy person and children. Through this I am very happy that I could help other in their painful movement.