O Word ! O Christ !

How beautiful you are !

How grand you are !

Who can know you ?

Who can comprehend you ?

Grant O Christ, that I may know you

and that I love you

May you be the light,

let a ray of that divine light

penetrate my poor soul,

so that I may see you

and conprehend you.

Instill in me a great faith in you,

so that all your words will be for me

so many lights to enlighten me

and enable me to go to you

and follow you, in all the paths

of justice and truth.


O Christ ! O Word !

You are my Lord

my one and only Master.

Speak, I want to listen to you

and put your word into practice.

I want to listen to your divine word

because I know it comes from heaven. 

I want to listen to it, meditate on it,

Put it into practice

because it is your word,

there is life, joy, peace, and happiness.

Speak, Lord, you are my Lord

and my Master, and I do not want to

listen to anyone but you.