36 ans de Vie Consacrée de Profulla Lakra de l'Inde


As I have chosen this religious life, am I happy with this life? What would you say?

I am Profulla lakra living in Barasat community. Now I am 36 years in religious life. Anjela and myself we celebrated our profession anniversary on 25th march 2021. I feel its good opportunity to share with you all my experiences.

What light do you see in your life? In which place?

As I have Chosen this religious life; am I happy with it?

I am very happy and satisfied with my religious life. After my 1st profession 1968, I have stared new community in Kidhapur. Before starting we went with sr. Pauline to see that place, there was nothing in the beginning, there was so difficult to live our life but we felt that God is with us. He was guiding us. “He is saying” he was our foundation; He was the root of the community. 

In our community we were three sisters. sr, Theresa Minj and myself, we were working as servants in  Christian families . Sr. Aurelia was giving tuition for the children.

Ex: 3:7 : God said; I have seen how cruelly my people are being treated in Egypt; I have heard them cry out to be rescued from their slave drivers.

 When I went to work as a domestic worker, before me there was one Muslim lady was working in that place. Once I met her and spoke to her. She was sharing with me all her troubles.  At that time there was many domestic workers were getting difficulties, unfairly treating, they were giving lots of work but the salary was less, insulted; all were poor people. Among them I was equal. All the difficulties, problem and troubles time we felt Lord was with us. I faced with them but I did not go away. God has chosen me from my mother’s whom. He has chosen me and sent me to bear fruit. I was happy with whatever was there. I was listening to them and praying for them. Jn 15: 16

What light you got.

I got through this experience Patience. I must accept with patiently whatever was happening in the life as a follower of Jesus Christ. 

I was like a mother for them to listen to their pain. They were very eager to tell me, even though I can change nothing. I was offering everything to God. Through that they were getting consolation.

To live among the people is not so easy but I got that chance to have that same experience by doing the work that they have done. Simple work with the simple people.